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How do I list an item for sale on TradingLux?

Sign up and create your account by entering your contact details and choosing a password.

Select the membership plan (free, premium, professional) according to your needs. Follow the payment procedures. Generally, listings are approved and uploaded within one working day.

Create your listing following the instructions to enter the information (add a title, choose a category, add photos, add a description). Please note that all listings must comply with the TradingLux terms and conditions.

How long does it take for listings to appear?

Your listing must be approved by TradingLux team before it appears in search results. Approval happens within one business day and you will receive an email confirmation with the link to your listings.

How do I edit or delete my private listings?

You can edit or delete your private listings in your private area under “My Listings”. Please note that once you delete your ad, it cannot be reactivated.

How long does my listing remain online for?

A listing’s period of validity depends on whether you end up selecting a free membership or not.

Your listing/s will be online on TradingLux for:

  1. One month with Free membership
  2. Three months with Premium membership
  3. Six months with Professional membership
How do I contact the dealer directly?

If you have questions about an item, you can contact the dealer via the contact information form provided.

Can I trust that listings on TradingLux are real?

We do our best to make sure that listings on TradingLux are authentic and from credible dealers but take no responsibility for any transactions undertaken on our site. In order to buy safely, we advise you to ask sellers for original registration papers, proof of ownership or certificate of authenticity.

How can I pay for an item?

Accepted payment methods:

  • Credit Card Visa or Mastercard
  • Bank Transfer
  • Paypal

We work together with the payment service provider Stripe to process your payment. Stripe is a payment service provider that specializes in online marketplaces.

How do I edit my private information?

Login to your TradingLux account. Under “Profile” – “Account Details “, you can edit and save your personal information such as name, address, telephone number or password.

How can I receive technical assistance?

You can benefit from our technical assistance only with premium and professional membership.

Our staff will provide only technical support linked to the platform not to the transaction or problems due to shipments and returns of the item. TradingLux does not assume any responsibility for issues related to shipments and returns.

Is my information secure on TradingLux?

Yes. We use the most up-to-date security technology to protect your personal information against manipulation, partial or full loss and unauthorized access by third parties. You can find further details in our Privacy Policy.

Is my information forwarded to third parties?

We use your personal information exclusively to process your membership purchase. We do not forward your information to uninvolved third parties. You can find further details in our Privacy Policy.



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