How to valorize your luxury item. Here is some helpful advice on how to take the best shots.

  • Take your photos in a well-lit room. Natural lights is best as it really brings out the colours of your items. Avoid using flash when you take your picture as it can make the colours look a bit weird.


  • Keep your background area nice and simple, making your item the main focus of the photo.
  • Take shots from different angles to give an overall view of your item.
    • Include close-ups of important features (such as logos and stitching).
      • Include as many photos as possible (a minimum of 3), especially if the luxury item comes with accessories (ex: for watches, take also photos of the box, warranty and accessories).
        Scratches or Defects
        • Does your item have any defects? It is important to include these as you will avoid a price negotiation or the sale being cancelled.


          Registration and Login
          • Create your TL account entering your email/ name and password.


          List an item
          • Upload qualitative photos of the item  
          • Fill in all the subcategories
          • Write a detailed description
          • Set your item’s price
          Keep in touch with the buyers
          • Be ready to answer all questions from buyers
          • You’ll be notified about all the messages buyers have sent you


            Finding an item you like
            • The heart button favourites items that you like and keeps them apart
            • Use filters to find items by brand/colour/price etc
            Keep in touch with the sellers
            • Contact the seller of item for questions and details
            • You’ll be notified about all the messages sellers have sent you


            Payments / Delivery

            Methods of payment and delivery processes are not taken in charge by Trading Lux
            Sellers and buyers can select by themselves the payment and delivery process that suits them the best



            We want to ensure that remains a safe place. Hence, we require all our members to comply with Trading Lux rules if they decide to upload items to our catalog.

            New and pre-owned luxury cars, yachts, bags, watches, jets and real estate are allowed on Other items that are not included in the categories above mentioned will be removed at the moderator’s discretion.

            Please not that we don’t allow counterfeit, imitation or fake branded products.

            The “other” section of Trading Lux catalog is for luxury items that we have not categorised yet.


            Photos must comply with the following criteria: 

            •    Photos of the item you are listing can be taken by you or by team of TradingLux upon request
              •    Photos with ads and watermarks are not allowed
              •    Photos must be clear and of high quality. Check out our Photo Tips for helpful advice.
              •    The main photo should clearly represent the item listed.
            • Format: jpg, Jpeg, png, pdf
            • Minimum resolution : 1280 x 900 px
            •  Minimum size : 1.5 mb

            Please note that in order to maintain a qualitative standard of our platform, photos may be modified by TradingLux if the quality is poor.


            General Rules and Content

            •     All items must be assigned to the corresponding category and listed only once.
              •     If you are listing more than one item, each item must be listed separately and assigned to the appropriate category.
            • Description of the advertisement may be completed by TradingLux’s team if it claims that some basic information are missing.
            • In case of signal of abuse, Trading Lux may decide to revoke to publish the advertisement.



            Trading Lux’s mainly aim is to provide a great user experience on the platform.
            However, if we see that a member is abusing the service, we may impose penalties.

            • If a member has violated any of the Service rules, we will issue a written warning and delete or hide an item that does not comply with our rules. If you receive a message from the administrators of the service regarding an unsuitable listing, you’ll have 24 hours to take action. At the end of this period the listing may be deleted without notice.
            • If the member chooses to ignore the warnings, does not communicate with the moderators, and/or makes no effort to correct their violations, their membership may be revoked (blocked) for an unlimited period of time.

            We would like to maintain a professional relationship with everyone who uses our platform. Therefore, we invite you to keep in touch with our team who will be more than happy to assist you in case you will face some issues while using our service.



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